The SEAT Leon

It’s a whole other story.

Forget whatever they told you about fairy tales.

For a car that re-writes the rules, we re-wrote fairy tales.

Set against the backdrop of Barcelona reimagined as an enchanted forest, we used the power of the SEAT Leon to take clichéd fairy tales and turn them on their head. Red Riding Hood accompanies Mr Wolf into the forest but is having far too much of a good time in his red Leon Hybrid to stop at Granny's. Rapunzel cuts her hair off to ditch the handsome prince for something far more exciting, a Leon ST. Snow White doesn't fall for the old poisoned apple routine, she falls for a Leon instead. Prince Charming drops Cinderella's shoe and picks up a sweet ride in a Leon.

Out with the stereotypes. In with a car that promises to be a whole other story.