A mentoring initiative for Las Jefas.

At CATORCE, we strongly believe that equality, diversity and the entrepreneurial spirit of our city are all key ingredients for great work. We’re offering 14 hours of professional mentoring for your entrepreneurial women in areas we know best; creativity, strategy & business. Let our global talents take your project to the next level and we can contribute towards closing the gender gap in business together.

Let's help close the gap.

Change doesn’t happen overnight. But the gender gap in business is closing so slowly, that at this rate, it would take a century to level the scale. Not acceptable. So, here we are, devoting our most valuable assets to the cause: our talents and experience in moving businesses forward.

Is 14 HOURS for you?

To be eligible for 14 hours of mentoring, the project must be led by a women. You could be a freelancer or the owner of a small or medium-sized company based in Barcelona with no more than 50 employees. Ideally, your project will have a positive impact in some way, such as helping the community or the environment. It could be a new project, or you might have been operating for a while.

How does it work?

First step is to apply. Tell us about your project!

  • An overview of your project. Who, what, when, where and why is enough.
  • What your ambitions are
  • What challenges you are facing.
  • Why you think you’d benefit from 14 HOURS

How you share this with us is up to you. It could be a simple written application, a video, or something else. A creative touch is welcome & encouraged.
We’d prefer if you’re English speaking and Barcelona-based. We want to make sure you benefit from getting exposure to the whole team, in person.

If you’re successful we’ll be in touch about next steps.

How do I enter?

Applications re-open soon. Stay tuned.

If you have any questions, reach out to us 14hours@14agency.com

Or Follow us on Instagram @14_agency

A mentoring initiative for 14 Agency

Stay Tuned

A voluntary initiative by 14Agency.com