We are Catorce. Or 14.
A global agency that chooses
Barcelona as its home.

Who are we

We are Catorce. Or 14. A global agency that chooses Barcelona as its home. Why 14? Because it’s a transformative age in your life. When you want to experiment. When society hasn´t conditioned you to limit your thinking. When friendships mean everything and your life is full of firsts. It´s also the number that our most famous footballer wore on the back of his shirt, but that’s pure coincidence.

Why are we

We live and breathe creativity. That’s why we make Barcelona our home. We are 29 different cultures strong. We value passion, diversity and courage. Like our adopted city, we are curious and ever evolving. We don´t even have a single logo. We have many. We’ve always been fast and strong, but 2020 has taught us to be even more adaptable. We run at problems. Rebecca Solnit said “Hope is an axe”. Equal measures of optimism and action. That´s us.

What are we

We are a global agency in Barcelona. There are so many powerful creative influences that come from here. Why not advertising. We are obsessed with all things digital, social and cultural. We like to make an impact. We also like to think of ourselves as having an interesting world view, but that could also have something to do with the fact that we´re based in Barcelona´s tallest building. DDB is our network. They’re a bit older than 14. But that’s okay because we get to experience all of their knowledge and wisdom.

What do we make

Our foundation client is Europe´s fastest growing automotive brand. And we look after their newest brand, a contemporary expression of modern performance. We deliver end to end solutions. From an Instagram post to a 360 fully integrated campaign across ninety-six global markets.


World-class talent from all over the world.