New SEAT Ateca

If you only have one chance to live, why hold your horses?

For the launch of the new Ateca, SEAT needed a fully integrated campaign to run across key markets in Europe. As one of SEAT’s most successful models, the pressure was on 14 to keep our already successful run of SEAT Ateca campaigns going strong.

Young at heart.

Off the bat we knew we didn’t want to just talk about a beautiful SUV with lots of features in a market full of other beautiful SUVs with lots of features. We wanted to connect with the audience. Settled, but young at heart. Half urban, half rural. Adventurous, but down to earth. A far cry from daily drives around mountain bends of the Pyrenees. So we didn’t make an ad about that either.

Out with a nightlife veteran.

Instead we created a campaign that felt like real life. Or what could be your real life. That is, if you’re willing to scratch that little itch that keeps telling you to Live Bolder. Live Better.